University of West Alabama:
A Local Perspective

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UWA public transportation is nonexistent. Most students agree that most everything you need is within walking distance anyway. In Livingston, the majority of residents drive as their primary form of transportation. Due to the size of Livingston, public transit is not present, and frankly, not needed. Around 3,200 people reside in Livingston, Alabama. About 61% are African American, 38% are White, and 2% are Hispanic. There are many more women than men here, and for every 100 women over 18, there are only 78 men over 18. A whopping 46% of the population is below the poverty line. One of every two children is below the poverty line. Nearly 5,200 students attend UWA as of Fall 2011, of which 75% are female, and 25% are male. The majority of male students are White or African American, and the same goes for female students. Most students are from either Alabama or Mississippi, though there are 73 students from foreign countries.


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