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The Basin Transit Service has bus routes in Klamath Falls with great student rates, but they only come once or twice every hour, their hours aren’t as late as students would like, and are even more limited on the weekends. Most students would rather rely on their own four wheels and take routes 97 and 39 to get to campus whenever they need to. That way they won’t have to worry about being late for class if they miss a bus, and don’t have to stand and wait in inclement weather for transportation, either. Gas might be a little more expensive than the student rate, but it’s worth it for convenience. OIT is positioned perfectly on the Upper Klamath Lake, with views out over the sparkling water. Lake Ewauna is also close, just south of Klamath Falls, as is Aspen Lake to the west. The California state border is only 20 minutes away, and beyond it lies its its best parks, like the Klamath National Forest and Wildlife Refuge and the lava springs state park. Oregon’s most treasured national areas are also within driving distance of OIC. Students spend most of their time in front of a screen doing work and talking with friends, but with so much great outdoor recreation around them I’m sure they’ll spend a lot more time than they’re used to in the woods.


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