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Kingston RI
Kingston is small village in Rhode Island. The population of the village itself is only around 5,000. The village's major business is the University of Rhode Island. This research university has more than 16,000 students enrolled, meaning that more than three times the population of the actual village attends the university.

The University is of course one of the major employers in the area as well. 675 full time academics are employed by URI, as well as a number of administrative staff. The URI Rams are a Division I athletics program that compete in the Atlantic 10. The program has produced many professional athletes, especially those that went on to play in the NBA.

Finding a Kingston Apartment

When to search

Kingston is perhaps as much or more a college town than any other town in the country. There aren't many where the student population so severely outnumbers the population of the town itself. That means that the regular college town cycle that makes May and June the best months to apartment shop is even truer in Kingston than it is other places.

Staying in the know

Kingston landlords understand that almost everyone moving into town is affiliated with the University in some regard. They will often ask you if you're either a student or an employee of the University when you're applying for an apartment. This is good news for students who often find it difficult to get approved for apartments in towns that aren't as college oriented as Kingston.

Life in Kingston


You don't need a vehicle to get around Kingston, although you might if you need to travel to other towns in the area. People can walk year-round to their destinations here, as the total footprint of the town and University is quite small. If you prefer to take the bus however, there is service offered by RIPTA, which can get you to most of the major centers in the small state, as well as the University.

Where to play

If you've ever wondered what a jail from the 18th century looked like, you can visit the Old Washington County Jail. There is also a beautiful beach at Narragansett. On the campus, there is a great coffee house operated by students called the 193 Degree coffee house, where you can grab coffee and check out small concerts and open mics. Some good bars in town include the Ocean Mist on the beach, and Bobby G's, which is casual with pool tables and karaoke.

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