Jacksonville University:
A Local Perspective

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Jacksonville is more dangerous than 93% of towns and cities in the US. Jacksonville has one of the highest murder rates in the country. In 2008 alone, there were 116 murders in Duval County. Not all of the city is dangerous however, and while the center of Jacksonville has the most crime, areas like Middleburg, Loretto, Cedar Point and Beeghly Heights are considered safer. Jacksonville University is located in a higher crime area, though the gates to the campus are closed at night for student safety. Students are allowed out at night, but the JU President has publicly requested students not to travel at night on foot, for their own safety. On the JU campus, at least 3 security officers are on duty at all times. Emergency phones are located around campus. In December 2012, a fraternity was dismissed for the severity of a hazing incident that has resulted in 13 arrests thus far. Hate crimes occur on campus nearly annually. About 3,200 students attend JU, 60% of which are female, and 40% are male. Nearly 60% of the student population are White, and 21% are Black. The city of Jacksonville has the highest population of any city in Florida with over 820,000 residents. Of its residents, 55% of people are White, 30% are Black, about 10% are Hispanic, and 5% are Asian. Around 90% of the population’s first language is English. In terms of religion, Protestants have the biggest numbers, followed by Catholics, Mormons, Jews, Muslims, and Unitarian Universalists.


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