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The Heights

A Houston Neighborhood


As recently as the 1970s, The Heights was a decrepit, crime-ridden area. But as with many downtown-adjacent neighborhoods, the last 40 years have seen an influx of money and new development. The Heights is now a favored renting and home-owning destination for affluent workers who like its proximity to downtown. It’s a funky, charming neighborhood full of great thrift stores, cozy coffee shops (try Boomtown), relaxed bars (Hunky Dory Tavern, Eight Row Flint) and some of Houston’s best restaurants, like creole hotspot Liberty Bistro.

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If you're not sure how much an apartment will cost, the table below shows the average price by size.

1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
4 Bedrooms
5+ Bedrooms
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