Michigan Technological University:
A Local Perspective

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MTU is a campus tucked away in the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan, one might think that there might not be any special events taking place since it’s so far away from everything. They are very wrong. Every year in February MTU hosts Winter Carnival. This is where student groups get together to compete against one another creating giant (some over 10 feet high) sculptures made entirely out of snow and ice. Winter Carnival holds the “All Nighter” which is when students spend all night finishing their statues - locals and college students alike gather on campus for the all nighter where they serve free Chili and have an outdoor dance floor. Around Houghton, where the campus is located, there are many different events throughout the year. Seafood Fest/Bridge Fest is an event held in June every year to commemorate the building of the Houghton Lift Bridge. They serve seafood, have live music, and have helicopter rides. Houghton, Michigan is in a terribly cold climate, suffering from a massive amount of snowfall every year. Houghton’s sister city, Hancock, is America’s third snowiest city according to The Weather Channel with a whopping yearly snowfall of 211.2 inches. Snowiest day on record dumped 26.5 inches on the cities in 1996. The vast amount of snowfall is due to lake effect snow propagated by Lake Superior’s winds and water temperature. The average high temperature for Houghton in January is 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and their average low is -1 degrees Fahrenheit.


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