Hope College:
A Local Perspective

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Holland has a business spur route off of Interstate 196, which is a special diversion from the highway created for better traffic circulation in Holland. There aren’t many of these in Michigan, and any local could tell you how valuable it is for getting around. For Hope students, it’s mostly used by commuters from out of town or the other side of town, and it significantly cuts down their travel time. This is especially true in the winters, when the local roads are affected by natural conditions and drivers move at a crawl on them. Holland’s greatest attractions are the local bodies of water. The big one of course is Lake Michigan, the coast of which is just a few miles away. But in between lies the Macatawa Bay, the Big Bay, and the Pine Creek Bay, all of which are part of the Macatawa Lake. That lake flows into Holland, and on its banks are a few popular student hangouts, like the Window on the Waterfront park, Kollen Park, and Windmill Island and its park. When the weather’s warm and you’re looking for outdoor recreation or just a place to chill with friends, you’ll probably head to one of these lakefront spots.


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