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Highland Heights:
A Local Perspective

Highland Heights is a very small city with around 7,000 people making their homes there. It is a bedroom community to Cincinnati, with I-275, the highway that encircles Cincinnati marking the northern and western borders of Highland Heights. The city is also home to Northern Kentucky University.

NKU has about 15,000 students enrolled in any given year. It has 6 colleges within the university, including the Salmon P. Chase College of Law and the College of Health Professions. The University is represented in the Atlantic Sun Conference, and when a reclassification period is complete, the NKU Norse will be a full-fledged Division I competitor.

Finding a Highland Heights Apartment

When to search

Looking for an apartment in Highland Heights during the summer will yield the best results. The NKU student population takes up a lot of the rental property in the city. When the school year concludes, many students graduate, move on to different schools, or return home for the summer, leaving a glut of vacant rental properties.

Staying in the know

Read over your applications carefully before you submit them to your landlords. You want to make sure that you've filled them out completely, and that all the information you provide is correct. Missed items or incorrect information is not likely to leave a very good taste in the mouth of a landlord.

Life in Highland Heights


The best way to get around Highland Heights is definitely by car. Not only does this let you navigate the smaller center quickly and effectively, but also it gives you the ability to explore the surrounding area including Cincinnati at will. Just hop on the I-275 and you can get anywhere in Cincinnati in short order.

Where to play

There is plenty of entertainment right in Highland Heights. Foremost among local recreation activities is watching a game at the University, as local support for the Norse is extremely fierce. La Ru Lanes is a fun place to visit if you enjoy bowling. Skyline Tavern near the University has affordable drinks, which helps draw in a regular student presence.


Highland Heights is only minutes from downtown Cincinnati. As a smaller center, most of the attractions that people in the area are interested in are those in the larger city. However, Highland Heights one large claim to fame is Northern Kentucky University. The Bank of Kentucky Center is the large, on campus arena that draws guests from throughout the area. In addition to hosting sporting events, there are often concerts and other entertainment events hosted that draw thousands of guests. The University is also home to some educational attractions such as the Anthropology Museum and the Natural Science Center.


Barbecue is practically a religion in Kentucky, and there are several great establishments in Highland Heights that take barbecue to an art form. City Barbeque is certainly among the best, and not to be missed. Smashburger is a great place to go for burger lovers who want a great new spin on a true American classic. There are also several excellent places where you can get Asian food in Highland Heights. The Nittha Siam Kitchen is a very good option for Thai food enthusiasts. And if you're just looking for a traditional Italian meal, then Al Dente is a very good choice.


Going to Billie’s Skyline Tavern is practically a Highland Heights rite of passage. It’s a great little tavern located very close to the University. The food portions are large, and frequent specials make it a cheap place to visit, making it very popular with the nearby students. Barleycorn’s is another great establishment popular with the NKU crowd. The sports bar atmosphere makes it the place to go when there is a game on. On weekends, many of the students will head into Cincinnati in order to party at some of the big clubs in the much larger city.


Culture in Highland Heights is largely focussed around the University. The Northerner, the University’s newspaper, has won several awards and is one of the best college papers around. The university is also home to the NKU Fine Arts Center. In a single building, this is where you can enjoy some of the best cultural experiences that Highland Heights has to offer. The visual art, theatre, dance, and music departments are all housed within this single building. Several theatres along with a permanent art gallery make this the perfect complex for the emerging artists to display their work, and for the townsfolk to enjoy it.


The truth is that Highland Heights is such a small center that people tend to head the seven miles north and attend the larger events in Cincinnati instead. The local events tend to be mostly tied to the University. From the end of January through to the middle of February, there is a large series of homecoming events at the University. Some of the highlights of the events include the Homecoming Gala, which is a semi-formal event that celebrates the students of NKY in style. Alumni get in on the fun with the annual Alumni Chilli Cook-off. Of course, the big event is always the homecoming games where the NKU Norse get on the court.


Like everything else in Highland Heights, most of the shopping in the city tends to center around the University. Northern Kentucky University has a Barnes & Noble bookstore right on campus. It is clearly the best and largest bookstore in the immediate region, and gets a lot of traffic from everyone in the community. Many of the big box stores and shopping outlets are located just to the east of the University on the Alexandria Pike. This is where you'll find stores like Lowes, the Walgreens and a variety of dining establishments.


The Northern Kentucky University Norse are beloved by the residents of Highland Heights. The games are extremely well attended, and when you go to work the day after a game, the most common question you'll be asked is “did you see that game last night?” The basketball team is one of the most popular teams the University fields. The proximity of Cincinnati means that living in Highland Heights doesn't mean that you can't see professional level sports either. The Cincinnati Bengals and the Cincinnati Reds games are both good excuses for an outing up to the big city.


The Lakeside Commons Park is a scenic and quiet little park contained within the city. It is the ideal sort of place to go for a quiet afternoon walk. Just to the east of Highland heights is Tiemeier Fishing Lake. However, the greatest outdoor draw of this part of the country is certainly the Ohio River. The river is a wonderful place to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Boating, rafting and kayaking are all very popular. In addition to that, there are many places long the river where there is excellent fishing. There are also a number of islands in the river that can provide you with great places to hike and explore.