High Point University:
A Local Perspective

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Generally, more crime is reported in the areas surrounding High Point’s city center (although the center itself doesn’t have high crime). High Point’s main campus is located just north of some of the city’s high crime streets, and if you look further north of the campus in Oakview and where Interstate 74 bends west, you will see the city’s safest neighborhoods. If you can find an affordable apartment in any of these neighborhoods, or to the west in the Wallburg area, or northwest in Union Cross/Teaguetown, these are probably your best bets for low crime. High Point’s Hi Tran bus system has 15 fixed bus routes that run through the city, and depending on which part of HPU’s campus you wish to go to, three or four of the routes can take you there. Unfortunately, the buses only run until 7:30 PM on weekdays, 5 PM on Saturdays, and don’t run on Sundays. If you have a late class, or need to spend time studying after class in the library, you won’t be able to take the bus back to your off-campus apartment. This is one of the reasons why many off-campus students have a car and use it to commute back and forth every day. The school is tucked up against Interstate 74, which makes for an easy drive if you live further away.


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