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A Local Perspective

Hays is the urban hub around which most of north-western Kansas revolves. This part of Kansas is largely a collection of smaller rural communities, and many of the people from those towns travel to Hays when they require goods or services that aren't readily available in the smaller centers. Hays, with a population of 20,000, is the largest town in the region.

The fourth-largest university in the state is the Fort Hays State University. Located right in Hays, this institution is home to 11,000 students. There is also a technical college in town, and a large research facility centered on agriculture located to the south. This facility is operated by Kansas States University, and is one of the most important agricultural research centers in a State where agriculture is paramount.

Finding a Hays Apartment

When to search

Finding an apartment to rent when you move to Hays is going to be trickier than you might think. Because the city is so small, there aren't very many rental properties available within the city. If you need to move to Hays and plan on renting, you should start hunting around February or March.

Staying in the know

The slim availability of rental suites in Hays is something to take into consideration when you apply for apartments. Try to give the landlord a reason why you would be a great tenant, or why that apartment would be a great fit for you. If it is close to work or school, be sure to mention that during the interview process.

Campuses Nearby

Life in Hays


The city doesn't maintain any public transportation within the city itself, although you can hop a Greyhound in town if you're commuting to other communities. For the most part, using your car is the best way to get around Hays and to the outlying regions. There is a free shuttle (Tiger Transport) operated by the University that can get students from school to a few select locations in town.

Where to play

For a small town, Hays has great athletic and recreation facilities, including a disc golf course, baseball diamonds and public tennis courts. There is also a water park in town with a swimming pool. Don't miss Oktoberfest, as the city has a strong German population and really knows how to throw a great event during this festive season.