Quinnipiac University:
A Local Perspective

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If you’re looking for a nice restaurant near Quinnipiac to take your parents, friends, or a date, Whitney Avenue is a great place to start. DeMil’s, Sergio’s, Smokey’s, Giant’s Dumpling, and Midori all are terrific depending on your preferences. If you’re looking for more selection, you can make the short drive south to New Haven, which is home to some of the best restaurants in the state of Connecticut in my opinion. Most of the great restaurants are located in the Downtown area, and after you finish your meal you can enjoy New Haven’s culture. Quinnipiac’s campus in Hamden is located on the outskirts of New Haven (next to North Haven), so if students want to use public transportation to get around it will be done mostly, if not all, through New Haven’s branch of CT Transit. The local buses (the most popular is the J line) run frequently and are reliable enough to use as a primary means of transportation if you don’t have a car. If this interests you, make sure you look for rentals that are a few minutes or less walking distance from a bus stop. Trust me, walking a long way and waiting for the bus during a New England winter can be miserable.


We currently have apartments near Quinnipiac University available for rent. If you're not sure how much an apartment will cost, the table below shows the average price by size.
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