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There isn’t much within walking distance, probably because this particular school is affiliated with the Roman Catholic church. However, if you’re looking just to relax a bit and partake in a drink of alcoholic nature Schnickelfritz on South Main might be the stop you’re looking for, it features live music a few days a week, as well as jukebox to pump out some jams while you’re sipping a cocktail. Looking for something a bit more upscale, the Trinity might be fitting for you. Modern twists on old classics and a good selection of microbrews might make you smile. Since Fond Du Lac is pretty far north and kind of near Lake Michigan, one would think they would get a lot of snow. Sure they get some but the average snowfall only gets to 37 inches per year. Not too bad, very comfortable for the native Midwesterner. Average temps dip below freezing in the Winter, but record lows bottom out well into the negative digits. In 1951 the lowest temperature recorded was 41 degrees below zero, yes -41 degrees! Keep extra coats and sweatshirts at your apartment if you live here! Record high temperatures can creep past 100 degrees, in 1995 it ballooned to 103 degrees in Fond Du Lac - so make sure you have an air conditioner too... just in case.


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