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If you’re from Michigan you’ve probably heard about Flint’s crime issues, and that’s putting it lightly. For the past decade the area has become progressively more dangerous, and most recently in 2013 the FBI named Flint the most violent city in the country for the third time in a row. Other orgs like Neighborhood Scout, CQ Press, and Forbes have also reported how Flint ranks among the worst cities for crime. Admittedly, property crimes have decreased, but this is of less concern than violent crimes. Students should be weary and remember that common sense goes a long way towards staying safe, as does taking precautions like walking in groups or making sure your doors are always locked. The prices of apartments in Flint are extremely affordable. You’re looking at paying between two to four hundred per month, ideally, for rent. Compared to some of the other towns and cities in this region that’s a bargain--I really think Flint is the best place to rent a budget apartment. But because of the crime some students want to live elsewhere, and Burton, Grand Blanc, and Davison offer similar prices if you can find vacancies there. But if you’re solely focused on the price tag, my advice is to stay close to Baker and rent an apartment in Flint.


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