Fitchburg State College:
A Local Perspective

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Around 5% of the student body is involved in Greek Life. Most parties occur on Thursday and Friday nights, since many students go elsewhere on the weekends. Parties are always off-campus. There are a few local bars that undergrads visit off-campus: Whiskey Alley on Lunenburg St, Slattery’s Back Room, JR’s Pub, Legend’s, and Destare, which has live DJs, open mics, and movie screenings. With Boston just a 90-minute train ride away, many students head there for big events, but otherwise, off-campus house parties are what students do for nightlife, since besides drinking, and campus events, all there is to do in Fitchburg is go bowling, eat, or hit up Cinema World. Fitchburg has an average four-season New England climate. July is the hottest month, peaking around an average 80 degrees during the day, and January is the coldest, peaking at around 30 degrees during the day. In the winter, overnight temperatures drop into the teens, and in the summer, temperatures stay up around 50 in the night. On average, August and October are the rainiest months, while February is the driest. Fitchburg is the most humid in August and September, and windiest in the winter. The least amount of sunshine occurs in November, where about 50% of days are cloudy, and 25% partly cloudy. Every few decades, a tornado strikes here and kills several people. The carbon monoxide levels in Fitchburg are terrible, and in 2008, a boy died from carbon monoxide poisoning.


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