Everett Community College:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Everett Community College

Some parts around Seattle can be really expensive to live in. Suburban areas with great city access tend to almost have as much value as living in Seattle itself. With that said, Everett is definitely one of the less expensive places to rent in the region. The average two bed is around a thousand a month, which is cheaper than nearby towns like Marysville, Clinton, Langley, etc. Really, it’s great value considering what you’re getting with an apartment here: a short commute to the college, a great location on the Sound, and a quick drive to Seattle. I’ve yet to meet a student who doesn’t enjoy the occasional excursion to the big city. Seattle is about a half hour away from Everett. It’s easiest to take I-5 there, but buses in Everett can get you there, too. It’s awesome to be so close to Seattle, but don’t sleep on Everett. There are some great restaurants and bars there, and though it may not be as high-profile it’s still a lot of fun for students. Traveling east will bring you to some of the state’s best recreational areas like Lake Stevens, Mt. Pilchuck State Forest, and the Spada Lake.


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