The College Of Saint Scholastica:
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This shipping stop on Lake Superior is not just a port, but they have many things to do there. The Great Lakes Aquarium is a unique gem that showcases aquatic life from around the Great Lakes. From small fish to very large lake dwellers, this aquarium takes a look at life that isn’t the normal sharks we tend to see at aquariums. They even have an interesting bird room where you can get up close to native birds from the midwest. Duluth also has a downtown that was made for walking, theatres and restaurants, there is always somewhere to go. Also their location to Lake Superior makes it ideal for a bit of boating, little bit of swimming. It’s no joke when people say that the upper midwest is cold. The average temperature in January is 17 degrees, with records dipping down to 22 below zero. Summers, on average, don’t even get past 70 degrees. The location of Duluth makes it an intense place to live in the Winter’s because of the obscene amount of snow they receive. Their location on Lake Superior leaves them open to vast accumulations of lake effect snow about 218 inches per year on average! If you love the snow, then this is the place for you.


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