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Millikin, on the western edge of downtown Decatur, is ranked in the top 10 on the list of the city’s neighborhoods with the lowest crime rates. And the communities that surround it to the west like West Main Street, West Pershing Road, and Elwin are also in the top 10. The neighborhoods directly to the east of Millikin (north of Near Westside) are usually the ones with the highest crime. The communities close to Downtown typically have higher crime, and if you don’t mind a slightly longer commute, outer neighborhoods like Elwin and North Martin Luther King Jr Dr (near Cresthaven Park) are safer. Women outnumber men in Millikin’s student body by a 60% to 40% split. The vast majority of students are Caucasian, but there are also pockets of minority students and student organizations to support them. Overall, the school is very small with just over 2,000 undergrad students and under 100 grad students. 64% of students live on-campus, and 36% live in off-campus housing. There are around a hundred student organizations (which is a lot for a smaller school), and one out of every five guys and girls join a Greek organization.


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