Embry Riddle Aeronautical University:
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ERAU is perfectly in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and Interstate 95. The former symbolizes peacefulness and relaxation. The latter, on the other hand, makes you think of the frustration and stress that comes with peak hour traffic. The majority of students take I-95 to get to school, and if they can they try to avoid the morning and evening stampedes. Once you get off the interstate, however, the drive is easy and even a little pleasant. I don’t think there’s a better nightlife spot in Florida than Daytona Beach outside of Miami and Orlando. This area is consistently one of the state’s number one destinations during spring break and summer vacation, and it definitely lives up to its party hard reputation. The bars are packed and stay open late, the beach is a sanctuary from the heat and a tremendously fun place to hang out with friends, the clubs are full of young, attractive students, and reservations go quick at the trendy restaurants. Quite simply, nothing beats Florida nightlife, especially in Daytona.


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