Misericordia University:
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Crime is rare at Misericordia. In the past few years, there have only been a handful of assaults, and about 60 thefts a year. There are around 25 cases of vandalism annually. In recent years, forcible sex offenses are reported annually. Overall, Dallas is a really safe place to live, especially the college campus areas, including Penn State. The MU campus is in the highest crime rate area of Dallas, but even then, it’s not bad. The violent crime rate in Dallas is well below the national average, as is the property crime rate. Dallas, PA isn’t an incredibly exciting place to live. About 10 miles away is a Mohegan Sun, and about 15 miles, the Sno Mountain Ski Resort. With a population of around 2,500 people, and a small amount of average fast food places, Dallas isn’t exactly a nightlife hotspot. For things to do, you really have to be at the university campus, engaging in events and organizations. A shuttle can take students to shopping areas, but a good amount of students do choose to go home for the weekends.


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