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University District

A Columbus Neighborhood


It’s probably not very difficult to figure out how the University District earned its name. This district encompasses all of Ohio State University’s campus, along with the surrounding areas dominated by student housing. It is the intellectual center of the city that contains a very academic and youthful community. Keeping this fact in mind, University District is probably the most walkable neighborhood in the city. Naturally, there is an active nightlife in this area and its not unnatural for parties to go late into the evening (by that we mean study parties, of course). Aesthetically, this district maintains a delicate balance between urban concrete and natural landscaping. There are a number of large parks in the area that the more outdoorsy can enjoy, including Glen Echo Park or the Chadwick Lake and Arboretum. Residents of this district get to enjoy all of the benefits Ohio State has to offer, including public movie screenings and the not-to-be-underplayed Wexner Center for the Arts. If you are a student looking for a place close to campus (and the party), then the University District is the place for you.


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