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Downtown Columbus

A Columbus Neighborhood


Want to live in the center of it all? Then Downtown Columbus is the place for you! Find a gorgeous renovated loft or buy out an old townhouse. No matter where you decide to live in this neighborhood, everything is only a short walk away. Though you might be in the center of the city, a little slice of the country is not far away. The Pearl Market is the city’s biggest farmer’s market, offering great food, fresh produce, and locally made crafts. Downtown’s most distinguishing feature is the Scioto Mile, consisting of 145 acres of parklands situated along the gorgeous riverfront. This includes not only of lush greenery, but also of outdoor concert spaces, outdoor climbing wall, and a huge interactive fountain. One of the downtown Parks – Columbus Commons – is the center of many outdoor events, including free Shakespeare performances in the summer. You can also venture into the close by Arena and Brewery Districts, which contain the football stadium (Columbus’ lifeblood) and Columbus’ finest nightlife.


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