Loyola College In Maryland:
A Local Perspective

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The neighborhood around Loyola, there are many places to eat. Miss Shirley’s Cafe is a breakfast favorite, and the Evergreen Cafe, a popular hangout. For fast food and take out, students lovee Chow Mein Charlie, Denny Yum’s, Chicken Run, or S’Ghetti Eddie’s. On campus at Loyola University, the Boulder Garden has a grill, cafe, “Breakfast Nook,” deli, pizza place, bagel shop, and market. At the Andrew White Student Center, students can find a sushi shop, home-cooked meals, a Starbucks, and Red Mango froyo. The Newman location has a market, the Flannery Hall has a C-store, and the Sellinger Hall has a cafe. There is no one dining hall like most colleges have, and the price of food can seem expensive, having to use a retail account for all food purchases. Around 3,600 students attend LUM. The student body is 85% White, 5% Black, 3.5% Hispanic, and 3% Asian. More than 80% of all undergraduates live on campus. About 65% of juniors study abroad in one of sixteen available countries. Over 621,000 people live in Baltimore, Maryland. About 64% of residents are Black, 30% are White, 4% are Hispanic/Latino, and 2.5% are Asian. Only 23% of people living in Baltimore are married. There are more than 4,000 homeless people in Baltimore.


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