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Wolf Pen Creek

A College Station Neighborhood


Wolf Pen Creek is one of the largest neighborhoods in College Station, standing right next to the Post Oak Wall and encompassing the Earl Rudder Freeway and Texas Avenue, two the town’s major thoroughfares. Though this area is largely commercial, there are also plenty of apartment options available for Texas A&M students. Though the area is mainly attractive to undergrads, there are many grad students that choose to live here because of the neighborhood’s close proximity to campus.

Despite all of these features, Wolf Pen Creek is best known for the its park, which contains numerous hiking trails, running paths, a small lake, an indoor ice skating rink, and a large amphitheater that hosts numerous entertainment events year-around. One of College Station’s most anticipated events of the year is the Starlight Music Series, a string of concerts held between spring and late summer. If you love being able to easily access campus, nightlife, and outdoor recreation spaces, then Wolf Pen Creek comes highly recommended.


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