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A College Station Neighborhood


If you’re looking to live at the hub of Texas A&M’s party scene, then this neighborhood is definitely for you! Northgate takes its name from Texas A&M’s nearby gate, the nearest campus landmark. This neighborhood spans west to east from Wellborn Road to South College Avenue, and runs from the north border of College Station to University Drive. Northgate is a popular area for students to party and is sometimes playfully called the “Drinking District.” In this spirit, it’s not uncommon to see students stumbling through the streets on a Saturday night, heading from the bars to a local house party. Not only is this area chock full of top-notch bars and restaurants, but it’s also home to some of the best fast food chains in Texas, including the Dixie Chicken and Freebirds World Burrito.

As an added bonus, students and locals alike are infatuated with Northgate’s music scene. Aside from the numerous bars that welcome live music, there are also some knockout venues that regularly host concerts on weekends. This neighborhood also annually hosts the four-day “Northgate Music Festival.” Budding musicians can take pride in the fact that they will be playing in the same district that gave rise to Lyle Lovett, Roger Creager, and other big name country stars.


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