West Hills College Coalinga:
A Local Perspective

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There are quite a few restaurants right near campus so if you find yourself getting hungry you won’t have far to go for a quick treat. The Sweetly Devine is a great little cafe of you want a good sandwich and a soup. Perfect for lunch. If you’re in the mood for more of a sit down meal, the Mountain Oyster Steak House & Saloon might be up your alley. Get a decent steak and have a few drinks, it can’t be beat. On campus there has been few instances of property crime and arrests. Only 2 arrests on campus were for drug and alcohol violations. Coalinga is safer than 10.4% of the cities in the nation. Your chance of being a victim of any kind of crime in the city is about 1 in 29. In 2010, there were zero murders, 6 rapes, 106 assaults, and 343 thefts.


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