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Mount Lookout

A Cincinnati Neighborhood


Technically a suburb of Cincinnati, Mount Lookout is located so closely to the central neighborhoods — just to the east of Hyde Park — that it might as well be part of the city. The neighborhood is mainly known for its appeal to young professionals. But everyone can enjoy Mount Lookout’s 224-acre Ault Park, which has beautiful trails, open space, and a pavilion that hosts outdoor concerts. Find quirky shops, local restaurants, and nightlife at Mount Lookout Square, the neighborhood’s retail district. Perhaps Mount Lookout’s most famous feature is the Cincinnati Observatory Center — the “Birthplace of American Astronomy” — which was the first public observatory in the U.S. The majority of Mount Lookout is highly residential, with upscale homes occupied by singles, young professionals, and young families. The rental market can be a little slim and on the pricier side, but Mount Lookout is a great option if you’re looking to rent a house, townhouse, or duplex.


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