Wilbur Wright College:
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Chicago has been experiencing an increase in violent crime recently, and I wouldn’t go as far to call it an epidemic like some people are, but it definitely has an effect on students and their apartment searches. I’m getting more questions than ever regarding safety, like which neighborhoods are dangerous, and if there are any apartment buildings that have had problems with crime. I don’t like drawing negative attention to certain areas, especially considering that entire neighborhoods shouldn’t be unfairly branded as unsafe, but there may be certain streets or sections of neighborhoods that I may tell students to avoid. I’d definitely recommend doing research and spending time in a community before you decide to move in. You don’t have to be in the heart of downtown, Near North Side, or on the coast to enjoy the city’s nightlife. If you do want to enjoy these areas it’s a short trip with a car, but staying close to WWC can result in some fun nights. Most of your friends will probably live near campus and throw parties, or meet up somewhere and go out to a local restaurant or bar. Pulses of Chicago’s nightlife still beat in this part of the city, and some would even argue that it’s less commercial in this area, so the local businesses are more authentic and enjoyable. Whether you find this to be true or not, a weekend in Chicago is always interesting.


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