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River North

A Chicago Neighborhood


A main stop for the artistic-minded in Chicago is River North. What started as an industrial area by the 1970s became mainly abandoned factories and warehouses. Soon after, the warehouses were revitalized and turned into creative spaces for artists and entrepreneurs. As the area’s momentum grew, more businesses flocked to River North, creating the upscale and hip neighborhood it is today. Filled with trendy shops and galleries for daytime entertainment and swanky cocktail lounges for evening fun, River North is located north and west of the Chicago River. Considering its proximity to the business district, it’s a prime spot for many apartment-seekers.


If you're not sure how much an apartment will cost, the table below shows the average price by size.

1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
4 Bedrooms
5+ Bedrooms
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