Kennedy-King College:
A Local Perspective

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Kennedy King College is connected to Chicago’s public transit grid through two subway routes -- the Green and Red lines. The Halsted station is literally on the college’s campus, which makes for an unbelievably easy commute if you take the subway (and it’s perfect for when the colder temperatures set in and you don’t want to walk far). The Ashland/63rd station is also only a few blocks away. A strong number of students take public transportation to get to Kennedy King every day, and honestly it’s not too surprising to me. Why would you want to deal with a car, traffic, gas, and parking when it’s so easy to just take the train? Kennedy King students learn quickly that their school doesn’t offer many shows, festivities, or special nights. Any student events they plan are few and far between each other. But I’ve hardly heard of anyone lamenting this. Why? Well, it’s simple. When the downtown area of the third largest city in the United States is just a 15 minute drive or 30 minute train ride away from your school, you will never really complain about nightlife. The city’s ripe stock of culture is at your disposal anytime you want it, whether it’s on a vibrant Saturday night or quiet Tuesday night. And, really, how could it be better than that?


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