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Campustown Rentals

A Champaign Neighborhood


What’s in a name? Everything. Campustown is almost exactly what you’d expect: Champaign’s spot for student-oriented businesses, bars, and restaurants. Following an extensive remodel in the early 2000s, Campustown’s streetscape has been revitalized to make the area safer and more accessible for pedestrians. Green Street is now a revitalized hub for off-campus life, with many new developments going to luxury student housing. And historically, it has long been the center of non-Greek social life for U of I students: Murph’s, Kam’s, and Legends all call the area home. You’ll also find the U of I Bookstore, a smattering of thrift stores, and the requisite college-town Urban Outfitters.


If you're not sure how much an apartment will cost, the table below shows the average price by size.

1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
4 Bedrooms
5+ Bedrooms
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