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A Local Perspective

Brockport is officially a village that actually lies within the boundaries of the town of Sweden. However, even after financial difficulties faced in 2010 that almost forced it to amalgamate, Brockport remains a separate entity. Its roughly 8,000 citizens are proud of their Victorian town, and prefer to remain independent.

The town is deeply connected to its history, and great effort has been taken to preserve and restore the historical architectural features of the town. It is also home to the College of Brockport, State University of New York. This is a four-year college that hosts around 8,700 students per year.

Finding a Brockport Apartment

When to search

The best time to look for an apartment in Brockport is at the end of the school year. When you compare the student population to the population of the town, the "college-town" element to Brockport becomes clear. In the early summer, many students will have left town, and the apartment hunting should be excellent.

Staying in the know

When you apply for your apartment in Brockport, pay attention to how you conduct yourself when you meet with the landlord. Be professional, courteous, and always truthful. Landlords will verify any information you give them, so it pays to be up front right from the beginning.

Campuses Nearby

Life in Brockport


Brockport doesn't have a pressing need for a public transportation system, due to the size of the town. That size also means there is no pressing need for a car. Your bicycle or your best pair of walking shoes should do just fine for navigating this small village.

Where to play

Brockport might be small, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy yourself right in town. Java Junction is a great place to grab some Java or a good lunch. The University has an ice arena and fitness facilities that are accessible to students and watching a Golden Eagles game is a great way to show your local spirit. Finally, for some locally brewed beer and great food, visit the Stoneyard Brewing Company.