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A Local Perspective

Bridgewater is a town with suburban charm. Conveniently located about 25 miles to the south of Boston, this town is easy to get to. Bridgewater was established in 1656 and began as an area for industrial and agricultural expansion. The population of Bridgewater averages at about 27,000 people. This town boasts a historical feel and is only 35 miles east f Providence, Rhode Island. The central location as well as the home of Bridgewater State University makes this town appealing to not only the young adult demographic but the older population as well.

Finding a Bridgewater Apartment

When to search

As with any college town you want to search as far in advance as possible. Bridgewater is known for some occasional intense winters so looking in the winter months can daunting. Spring and summer are ideal as far as the weather goes however keep an eye out on college dates and get ahead of the game by applying 5 to 6 months before the semester starts.

Staying in the know

Bridgewater is one of those idyllic communities that everyone wants to live in. Competition when it comes to apartments is high. Landlords will be reviewing applications with extreme scrutiny so make sure your application stands out in the crowd.

Life in Bridgewater


The majority of people will generally walk to work or school in the Bridgewater area. However public transportation and taxis are available to assist you in getting around town. The traffic flow in Bridgewater is not considered bad so commute times are relatively low.

Where to play

There is plenty to see and do in Bridgewater which make it easy to call this town home. There is a local skating park for those who love to skate in all ways. In addition a variety of public parks offer hiking and sight seeing making this the ideal spot for staying in shape. Downtown life boasts an eclectic selection of local eateries and shops.