Bowling Green Technical College:
A Local Perspective

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I spent much of my childhood in a small Kentucky town where the only places to eat were fast food establishments like McDonalds or chain restaurants like IHOP. When my family wanted a dinner out, we used to drive miles to the Louisville because of all the great restaurants there that were started up and operated by locals. For college students in a rural area, it’s easy for them to fall into the easy traps of unhealthy fast food because there aren’t many other options. But in Bowling Green, one of the Kentucky’s biggest and greatest cities, there are tons of great places to eat. Students here really are blessed with a nice selection of places where they can get lunch or dinner. The city of Bowling Green’s population, which is the third largest in Kentucky, is bolstered greatly by students in the area. The majority of them hail from Western Kentucky University, as the school has over twenty thousand enrolled. BGTI has just a fourth as many, but that’s still a good five thousand or so. The difference is that BGTI has many more students that commute from out of town, because the majority of the student body is only part time. But for the ones who do live in Bowling Green, they’ll certainly notice that there are thousands of other city residents that are just as young as them.


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