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Largest Cities in Wisconsin

From spacious townhouses to fantastic 1 bedroom rentals, the largest cities in Wisconsin offer a tremendous selection of housing opportunities. Milwaukee and Green Bay each are large urban centers where people who were looking for an apartment have found outstanding places to live at affordable rental rates. Madison, the capital city, also is another great location for renters.

Other Large Cities in Wisconsin

Sometimes it’s the smaller urban centers that will suit the needs of someone who wants a new apartment. In Wisconsin, there are plenty of less populated cities that can meet those needs. For example, communities like Beloit, Oconomowoc, and Muskego have a range of rental options.

Information about Wisconsin

From one of its lively, lakefront communities to its capital city in the southernmost interior, Wisconsin has spectacular locations for apartment rentals. Residents have happily rented apartments next to prime attractions in all corners of this upper Midwestern state.

With an estimated populous of almost 5.7 million people, Wisconsin is ranked 20th in the nation for its total statewide population. Located along the southern shore of Lake Superior, the city of Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s largest city with a metro area population of about 2 million people. The city itself and surrounding areas are home to the headquarters of some of the country’s top businesses and corporations. Overall, Wisconsin has a diverse economy, where manufacturing and agriculture are significant industries. In Milwaukee, brewing is a significant force. The state also is home to several top ranked colleges and universities.

Famous destinations, cultural events and popular attractions run the gamut in Wisconsin. Everywhere you turn, there’s something interesting to do. If you’d like to take on an activity that has to do with science or architecture, the state is home to destinations like the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, as well as the Discovery World science center in Milwaukee. Are you a sports enthusiast? The state offers several professional sports teams to follow, such as the Green Bay Packers. Annually, Wisconsin boasts a slew of festivals and fairs. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely activity or an outdoor excursion, the state of Wisconsin runs the gamut on things to do.