Our Winter Scholarship Winner

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ABODO is the apartment search engine built for students by students. We started as a bunch of recent college grads and over the past few years we’ve been able to grow from one campus to serving hundreds of campuses across the country. And we think it makes sense to pay it forward to the next generation of students. That’s why we started the I Heart My School Scholarship.

Today, we’re happy to announce that our first winner is Leslie Stelzer from the University of Cinncinnati. Not only did Leslie have a lot to say about how great the staff and students are at UC, but it turns out she’s building a pretty impressive record for success already.

Leslie is a student of the College of Allied Health Sciences majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a Spanish Minor. She’s  part of the University Honors Program and an Honors Ambassadors. As if earning honors isn’t hard enough, Leslie spends her free team paying it forward to organizations like National Student Speech Language Hearing Association and Serve Beyond Cincinnati.

Scroll down to see a few of Leslie’s pics from the beautiful U of Cincinnati campus and to read about what she loves about her school.

If you love your school, you can learn more about and apply for our next fall scholarship here.


“When you look up photos of the University of Cincinnati, there’s no doubt that it is a gorgeous campus. But what you can’t see in those picturesque views is the hard work and determination of its students and staff.

When I came on my college visit for the first time, I fell in love with the campus. When I moved into my dorm room, I fell in love with my roommate, floor mates, and residence hall. When I started classes, I really began to realize what it meant to be a Cincinnati Bearcat. 

Not only are the students and faculty of this university some of the most passionate I have ever met, but they are also the most caring and polite. Ask and you shall receive. Even if you don’t ask, you might receive. Students are polite and will hold the door for you. 

Professors are always available and welcoming to questions and concerns. Not only that, but these highly educated men and women who lead our classrooms treat us like friends, not students. Never have I felt inferior to one of my professors. Each and every day they remind us of the many different options offered to students to improve our understanding and confidence in the subjects they teach. These may include Supplemental Instruction Sessions, where a Teaching Adviser is able to take questions in a smaller setting that feels like a high school classroom. If you don’t want to attend Supplemental Instruction Sessions, the professor has office hours in which you can meet with them one on one. Never before has a teacher or professor seemed to care so much about the University’s students.

Not only are the members of the University of Cincinnati polite, but they are also friendly. You can walk in to a class on the first day and make one (if not more) friends. These friends you will run into on campus and greet as if you’ve known each other for years. In a large university, that type of outgoing attitude is hard to find in anyone, let alone the majority.

Our president is a whole other story. President Santa Ono is one in a million. University Presidents always seemed to me to be more of a face than a person; they’re someone you’d know if you saw them but wouldn’t even know what their voice would sound like. President Ono (@PrezOno) is not that president. I’ve seen him various times on campus, and the students treat him as one of us! If you follow his Twitter and Instagram, it is easy to see how easy to approach and friendly this man is. The same guy that hands you your diploma is the guy that tweeted you back congratulating you on your 4.0! I ran into President Ono at one of the football games this fall, and he was as excited to take the photo as we were!

Another thing that holds true about the University of Cincinnati is “Once a bearcat, always a bearcat.” Did you know that Ohio State University football Coach Urban Meyer is a graduate of UC? Not every university would send a shout out to the coach of a rival team before his National Championship Football game, but our one and only President Ono did! It is obvious to anyone who knows anything about the University of Cincinnati that this is a place of pride, unity, and passion! GO BEARCATS!”

– Leslie Stelzer, University of Cincinnati