Largest Cities in West Virginia

West Virginia’s biggest cities have plenty of great rental opportunities at a range of affordable prices. Charleston, which is both the state capital and largest city, is a popular choice among apartment shoppers looking for outstanding rental options. There’s also a sizeable selection of available apartments in larger West Virginia communities like Huntington and Parkersburg.

Other Large Cities in West Virginia

In the smaller cities of West Virginia, apartment tenants have been able to land great deals on a variety of rental properties. From fantastic 2 bedroom apartments in Clarksburg to spacious rental units in Dunbar, the smaller cities in West Virginia have it all.

Information about West Virginia

From spacious downtown apartments to affordable housing that’s nestled just outside city limits, West Virginia offers an outstanding selection of properties throughout the entire state. No matter what you hope to get out of a rental property, plenty of West Virginia residents have landed great deals on apartments.

Fittingly, West Virginia is nicknamed the Mountain State, as it is entirely situated within the Appalachian Mountain range. Its unique landscape provides its approximately 1.8 million residents with excellent communities amid a diverse topography. The largest population center is the capital city, Charleston, which is home to more than 50,000 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. However, the metro area has a much higher population with more than 300,000 inhabitants. Overall, energy industries, especially coal mining, represents a significant sector of the state economy.

People looking for an outdoor adventure have plenty of options in West Virginia, which touts the slogan, “Wild and Beautiful.” Protected land areas like Monongahela National Forest are popular destinations where visitors can undertake any number of enjoyable outdoor activities. Residents also can head into the cities where they can find great restaurants and shopping opportunities. If you’d rather take in cultural experiences or explore the state’s history, you can visit one of West Virginia’s festivals, events or historical sites. Held in the state capital, the Vandalia Gathering is one such popular attraction that showcases West Virginia’s rich history of unique mountain culture and tradition.