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Largest Cities in Washington

In the largest of Washington’s cities, apartment searchers will have access to an assortment of rental proprieties, ranging from high-end luxury apartments to terrific looking townhouses. Properties in Seattle, the state’s biggest urban center, run the gamut and there’s no shortage of fantastic apartment listings. Spokane and Tacoma also offer outstanding rental opportunities.

Other Large Cities in Washington

Searching for an apartment in one of Washington’s smaller cities still gives people who are shopping for a rental property plenty of options. Kirkland, Olympia, and Lakewood are examples of terrific communities that offer tenants are range of apartments listed at affordable rental rates.

Information about Washington

The state of Washington presents abundant rental opportunities ranging from studios and lofts in vibrant cities like Seattle to highly sought-after apartment complexes in fine suburban neighborhoods. Plenty of residents have found the “perfect location” to make their home – and they often have landed their new apartment at a reasonable price.

This spacious Pacific Northwest state is home to approximately 6.7 million people, making it the 13th most populated state in the nation. Of Washington’s total populous, an estimated 3.4 million live in the Seattle metropolitan area, which is a busy seaport and active center of commerce. The state itself has a diverse set of industries that comprise its overall economy. Washington partakes in a significant amount of trade and also is home to many companies in high technologies. There also are outstanding options to pursue a post-secondary education in the state.

The nightlife and social scene of urban communities like Seattle might suit the tastes of someone who wants to grab a microbrew and explore some downtown attractions; however, outside of Washington’s major sites are numerous outdoor destinations. Protected lands like Mount Rainier National Park, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, and the Olympic National Forest are just of few examples where people can explore natural sites and take in breathtaking scenery. For those who want to enjoy Washington’s coastal waters, people can head to the docks and sign up for whale watching or fishing excursions. Overall, the Washington is outfitted for a multitude of tastes, and residents have found amazing attractions in all corners of the state.