5 Awesome Ways to Use Chalk Paint in Your Apartment

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Chalkboard Paint Kitchen

The wonderful invention of chalkboard paint has taken the DIY and craft world by storm. It feels like there are always new and creative ways to use it popping up all over the net. But which creative uses for chalkboard paint are best for college students? Here are a few:

Chalkboard Desk WallOffice Chalkboard Wall
Math or physics student? Need a place just to get your thoughts out or write down your to-do list? Don’t want to pay a needless amount of money for a chalkboard you have to mount on the wall? Then painting a chalkboard wall in your office would be a great option for you!

Assuming your landlord permits you to paint, having a huge chalkboard wall right next to your desk will allow you to have a nearly limitless workspace. This is perfect for science students or anyone that regularly works with large amounts of information. It will also give you a place to put up all of your daily tasks and maybe even a huge calendar! That means no more excuses for putting things off, forgetting deadlines, or just generally not getting things done. 

Chalk Paint Wine GlassesLabeling Cups
We’ve all been there: You’re at a party and find yourself trying to remember which plastic red cup is yours. You keep trying to discern what’s in each drink, grasping to remember how much you had left in your cup when you put it down. Eventually you either get a new cup or take your best guess, which really just sucks either way.

Thanks to chalkboard paint, this problem can disappear! Before you throw a party, put a quick coat on each cup and leave some chalk laying around for labeling. No one will have to guess which glass is which, and guests can get creative with what they put on the cups. Wanna get fancy with it? Buy some wine glasses or tumblers, then neatly coat the bottom of each glass with chalkboard paint. Giving the bottom of each glass a quick dip into the paint may suffice. Aside from being efficient, it also adds a nice down-to-earth finish to more sophisticated glassware.

Chalkboard Measuring CupsRemembering Measurements
Let’s face it, conversions are hard for most people to figure out quickly and the standard measurement system is unnecessarily complicated. When you’re trying to pay attention to cooking or have your hands covered in food juices, it can be difficult to look up conversion ratios or plugging variables into a calculator.

The solution? Head over to your nearest craft store, purchase chalkboard vinyl, and then adhere it to the outside or interior of a kitchen cabinet. It’s easily removable too, meaning that your landlord shouldn’t have a problem with it if you scrape in off properly before moving out. Now when you have a question about food measurements or conversions, all you need to do is take a look at the info written right on your cabinet! It’s also a great place to keep your measuring cups, as pictured to the left.

Grocery ListUniversal Grocery List
If you live in a house with a roommate, especially more than one roommate, you may find keeping track of groceries and other household essentials pretty difficult. How does chalkboard paint solve this problem? Paint a chalkboard square or chalkboard wall in your kitchen, hallway, or laundry room and use it as a universal grocery list for the house. When someone sees an item running low, then they simply write down the item on the list and use the list during your next group shopping trip.

Of course, your uses of this wall are not limited to grocery lists. Utilizing a chalkboard wall in your kitchen will let you write any other important info you may want to know about cooking. For example, you can write down the recipe you’re cooking so you can have all the ingredients right there in front of you!


Creative Chalkboard WallCreative Decor
Chalkboard paint may have a plethora of practical uses for listing and labeling, but it has many fun, creative uses as well. Have a boring weekend or looking for a more creative way to procrastinate on homework? Decorate the chalkboard wall! Let any party guests and friends display their beautiful artwork, witty sayings, beloved quotes, and whatever else they can think of!

The best part? You can paint right back over it before leaving your apartment and still get your security deposit back. Can’t beat that, right?

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