How To Turn Your Rental Into a Peaceful Sanctuary

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There is a reason why people enjoy a quiet and calm atmosphere. I mean, what’s better than waking up to singing birds or rustling trees? Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to live in such welcoming neighborhoods, since areas such as these tend to be expensive for the common folk. That’s why a lot of people happen to live amid noisy (tips to soundproof your place here!) and loud neighborhoods, with rental shops serving loud customers. This can be extremely annoying, especially to those individuals that like to have non-disturbed sleep on the weekends. That is why we listed some tricks on how to turn loud rental places into lovely shelters.

Block All The Holes

Since everyone has to be respectful to one another, tenants should take into consideration that their shops can be a source of disturbance to their neighbors. To control the noise limit in these shops, whether they’re wall cracks or pipes exposures, the renters can make sure all the holes are covered. They can also invest in applying soundproof windows with thick glass to completely insulate them from surrounding sounds.

Shade and Mute

Some people may find soundproof windows rather expensive, so they wouldn’t bother utilizing them. Luckily, there is an equivalent tool that is not as pricey, like the windows, but has the same effect; we’re talking about noise reducing curtains, and they can do wonders for you! They don’t only block sound, but also help to reduce echo within one’s property. They are affordable and easy to find; one can apply them into his household to prevent outside noise from entering. Renters can also implement them in their homes if they don’t live in a quiet neighborhood.

Use Quiet Hours Clause

Most cities have a quiet hour policy that everyone has to commit to. Usually, these hours include night and morning time, where neighbors have to respect each other in terms of inducing noises. In most cities, quiet hours are from 10 pm till 7 am; during this period, according to the law, noise is not allowed. Whoever breaches this rule, can be forced to pay a fine by the police or worse a landlord can demand an immediate eviction. If you don’t have this policy in your town, make sure you agree with your neighbors on applying it within reasonable hours.

White Noise 

Did you know that you can make your own noise and actually love it?!  White noise is constant monotonous sounds that your ears get used to them and don’t cause you any discomfort.  These noises can be the laundry washing machine, the vacuum cleaner or the hairdryer. If you play these sounds or one of them constantly in your home, you’ll hardly notice any noise from outside. Also, if you have a backyard, you can build a small fountain that makes continuous waterfall sounds. This will not only distract you from the street noise but also it will send relaxing signals to your brain to calm and rest. In fact, there are white noise applications that are mostly used to calm babies and put them to sleep, but you can certainly make use of them to calm down and fall asleep like babies; surprisingly they have the same effect on adults.  One more thing that could work as an excellent white noise source is the fan – or heater if it’s winter. Fans and heaters absorb sounds and isolate you from irritating outside noise.

Build Exterior Walls

You don’t need to invest in buying expensive layered-glass windows. You could, however, adjust the placement of some of your furniture to work as great insulators. If you have a small library filled with books, you’ve got yourself a perfect solution. You can place it against the windows or in line with your outside walls. Books have a magnificent ability to absorb sound, so you’ll barely hear any disturbing noise from outside. Your dresser or closet can have the same effect since linens and fabrics have this absorbing ability too. All you have to do is to move them to the outer walls to help isolate annoying sounds.


On airplanes, they provide you with earplugs to use while taking off due to the pressure sound the plane can cause. These earplugs prevent any pressure sounds and they help a lot to make you comfortable and fall asleep. You can apply the same concept while you’re at home; purchase one of those squishy foamy earplugs that are comfy for your ears and wear them all the time to isolate yourself from the annoying street noises. You could also wear headphones that play music, which will not only isolate you from noise, but also refresh and boost your mood.

Time Will Fix It

Street noises aren’t and will never be acceptable to us, yet you don’t have to stress yourself about it to the extent that makes you anxious and worried all the time. Always trust that this noise problem will be solved either by you accepting the fact that you live in a noisy neighborhood and you will eventually make peace with it, or by the fact that the noise itself will be reduced one day. It’s good to try to find ways to isolate yourself from it, but never let it consume you and cause you stress and anxiety.

Consider Your Contribution

If you happen to be a loud person, who shows little care for the neighbors’ comfort, then don’t complain from noisy surroundings. Why would renters respect you, while you’re not representing yourself as a good example? You should take into consideration the level of noise you make, otherwise, people around you would intentionally be noisy and loud too, just to annoy you. If you want to live in a quiet place, you should start with yourself first.

We all know that loud noise can be unpleasant and troublesome. Sometimes we’re put in situations where we can be unintentionally loud, which can cause us a lot of problems. One should start with himself in regards to being calm and peaceful; when everybody applies this in their lives, no one would be harmed. However, if you’re a tenant, a landlord or just a normal resident, make sure you apply the above handy tips to enjoy a harmonious neighborhood.

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