How to Transform Your Apartment for Under $100

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Redecorate your apartment without going over your small budget

Are you tired of your boring old apartment? You’re not alone. Redecorating is a common practice that can liven up even the most dreary home. But not everyone can afford an expensive renovation, despite HGTV’s best efforts to prove otherwise.

No budget, no problem.

You don’t have to give up your dreams just because you’re on a budget. There are many ways to revamp your apartment for less than $100. Whether you’re looking for a do-it-yourself trick or a hidden deal found in the deep recesses of the internet, the following will help you give your apartment a makeover without breaking the bank. Read on to learn more.

Couches and Rugs

Need a transformation? Start with the furniture

When looking to transform an apartment, it’s best to start from the ground up. That means switching out some of your grimy old couches and rugs. This might be the most expensive part of your transformation, but it’s also the most crucial. Nobody wants to impress the opposite sex with a ’70s-style shag rug. Trust me. Old sofas and rugs can really bring down the overall appearance of a room. Fortunately, you can easily upgrade these items while on a budget.

The first thing you should do is put your old items up for sale. Even the most worn-out items and ancient relics still have some value on the internet. You can look to sell these items on a site like Craigslist (yes, that Craigslist), but don’t forget about social apps like Offer Up. Set your items at the price you desire but also remember to be flexible to help you make a sale.

Now it’s time for the fun stuff. You can start your shopping adventure by looking for used sofas and area rugs on the same sites. You’d be surprised what kind of hidden treasures are on both Craigslist and Offer Up. You can also search at a local consignment store like Goodwill that repurposes and resells old items. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s living room centerpiece. Not looking for used items? You can search on Amazon instead. They have a number of area rugs and futons available for under $25 each.

New Area Rug & Futon Total Cost: $40-$50

Art and Decor

Paintings can be purchased on a budget and still add personality

Nothing says “classy apartment” like a little artwork. No, I don’t mean that Fight Club poster you’ve had since college. I’m talking about real life, tangible pieces of art. But you don’t have to dip into your savings to add a little bit of flair. Instead, consider adding some wallpaper to a blank a canvas to create your own painting. This is a cheap yet effective way to show off your sense of style. You should be able to find a canvas for $10-$20 (depending on size), while wallpaper can be found at Walmart for under $20.

Your next step should be to add some decor to your common areas. Decorations can really liven up the place. Better yet, they help to hide all those eyesores and blemishes in your apartment. Small objects such as picture frames and vases are easy to find and, most importantly, budget friendly.

You can search for these items on the cheap at Marshalls,, or even at your local Goodwill. A great way to fill up unused space is to add a gallery arrangement of photos. Add your own touch of creativity by buying frames with different landscapes, using fun photos from the past, and even spray painting old picture frames gold to give them a classy touch. Frames, spray paint, and picture printing should run you no more than $20.

Homemade Painting, Photos, Frames, and Spray Paint: $30-$40

Final Transformation

I'll be done on Pinterest in a minute, said no one ever.

Alright, your budget is dwindling, you’ve scavenged your sofa for every loose quarter, and are still down to your last $10-$20. Not to worry. There are still plenty of final touch-ups you can do to complete your apartment’s makeover.

The key thing to remember is that it’s better to repurpose old items rather than seeking out new ones. You can make your old items look like they’re brand spanking new and your friends will be none the wiser. Your most important tool for last minute touch-ups is Pinterest. Don’t be fooled by all those “Dream Wedding” boards. Pinterest is actually a great resource for do it yourself renovations.

You can paint your coffee table for a shiny new upgrade. You can turn your cheap blinds into custom shades with hardly any effort. You can even create a picture hanger using a couple of old spoons. Most of these renovations can be done using household items, but you’ll want to set aside $10-$20 for incidentals. You don’t have to be creative to transform your apartment for cheap. All you need is a little “Pinspiration.”

Pinterest project incidentals: $10-$20

There you have it. The secret to a kickass apartment isn’t a huge budget or even creativity. You can piggyback on others’ ideas by using Pinterest, sell your old items on Craigslist or Offer Up, and search for new budget-friendly items on Amazon or Walmart. Using this formula, you can easily retouch your apartment into a place that you’re proud to call home.