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Raleigh is an essential point on North Carolina’s famous “Research Triangle.” Of course, the school that fuels the city’s intellectual reputation is North Carolina State University. Though NC State has an almost fanatical sense of community on campus, you may be thinking that it’s finally time to explore your off campus living options. Unfortunately, NC State only provides a few bulletin board apartment listings in the University Housing office. If you’re attempting to find available NC State apartments, you’re basically on your own. This can make the entire process a bit overwhelming.

“Where do I begin?” you might be asking yourself. Well, this is where Abodo comes in!

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Because Raleigh is home to two large universities well known for their research ventures, as well as a few others colleges, competition for housing in Raleigh can get tight. This is especially true if you’re scoping out apartments close to campus. Starting your search before all the other students is the easiest way to get a great apartment at a fair price. NC State students typically begin house hunting in November. The search peaks around June or July, before finally petering off around August. Though it’s certainly not impossible to find a place after August, your selection will probably be limited.

Determining apartment location is essential. You’ll likely want to search for apartments close to NC State, particularly if you don’t have a vehicle. Southwest Raleigh houses NC State’s campus, so any apartment located in this part of the city will be your best bet. Some popular neighborhoods for college students in Raleigh include Oberlin Village, Cameron Park, and Glenwood South.

Oberlin Park is a suburban-style neighborhood that provides a diverse housing selection and several lovely parks – Isabella Cannon Park and Pullen Park – where residents can enjoy an outdoor romp.

Historic Cameron Park is a quieter neighborhood standing in close proximity to NSCU, but appeals to students culturally because of its unique boutiques and strong community sensibility.

Glenwood South is an eight-block stretch of hip restaurants, bars, and clubs. It’s a fantastic neighborhood for older students who want easy access to coffee in the morning and the bars at night.

Keep in mind that there is much more to Raleigh than the neighborhoods mentioned above. For more information about Raleigh’s neighborhoods, please see ABODO’s Raleigh Neighborhood Guide. Getting a place a little further from the University is not the end of the world. Luckily, if you are forced to commute to school, Raleigh’s light car traffic and exceptional public transportations services make getting around the city a breeze.

Be sure to explore all of your options when it comes to apartment listings. Don’t limit yourself to the few listings provided by NC State’s housing office. After all, these will also be the apartments that every other student is looking into as well. Utilize the many apartment listing resources available to you online. Isn’t living in the modern age a beautiful thing?

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