Top 5 Apartment Designs for Students on a Budget

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When you finally reach college and can spread your young adult wings, you will soon realize that not all student apartments are created equal. 

In any student apartment, you need a balance between your social space and your study space. An imbalance between the two spaces will often lead to a less than stellar college experience. If your social space is too big, your studies will likely go under and when your study space is too big, your social life is bound to take a knock. 

Of course, not everyone has the same style or priority and some people will be able to get along in a much smaller space than others. Ultimately, you need to sit down and have a look at your priorities and start your search from there. 

Doing a little bit of research into the types of rentals available in your student area will possibly help you avoid making a bad choice. To make your life just a little bit easier again, here is a list of the top 5 student apartment designs that you can use to get some inspiration and ideas. 

Going up

To begin with, student apartments are generally small, so you need to utilize every square inch of space if you want to make it feel a space where you can actually live and study. That being said, it takes some clever design to maximize your space. 

You cannot change anything about floor space, but you can always go up. There are some amazing modular designs that you can install to lift your bed off the ground and then use the space below your bed as a study nook. If you increase the platform that your bed is on, it can almost be converted into a makeshift loft. 

Suspend the bedroom

If you are sold on the idea of a loft or something similar, then you could also look into suspended bedrooms. Granted, you need a space with a high ceiling if you want to make use of this design. But this design of an apartment for a student is stellar. 

It looks modern and it immediately gives you more floor space for both social and study purposes. Now will have space and inspiration for your next big essay. If you want even more inspiration, you could always hook up the services of type my essay and marvel at your new digs. You can request online writers also for thesis, dissertation, and college essay writing work. 

Roll out and fold up

All of us have seen the movies and have probably at one stage experienced the infamous hiding bed that folds up into the wall. There is a modern take on this design where an entire bedroom is stored against a wall. A modular frame is built and put on rails and the whole bedroom slides out when it is finally time to turn in after a long day of study. 

When you have deadlines upon deadlines for college and university writing work, it really helps when you can just fold up and go. If you are really under the pump, you could also enlist the help of outside writing experts at UK EduBirdie. Needless to say, this design is at the top for students who don’t have all the time in the world to keep a big place neat. 

Now you see me, now you don’t

Depending on whether you are a minimalist or just don’t like clutter, this particular design is perfect for you. It hinges on minimalist principles and everything is hidden from sight. Sliding doors and walls close all the compartments like the bedroom and reveal other areas as it is moved about. 

This particular design could also double up as an office design for employee retention in that it can be either open or provide privacy or a quiet space to think without any distraction. When you walk into an apartment like this one, you are greeted with clean open spaces and no clutter whatsoever. 

How you keep your bed and everything else is completely up to you. The best part about this design is that you can shut out everything and every one by just sliding a wall. This is ideal if you intend to share a space with someone.

Create an illusion with reflective surfaces

This is a very versatile design for an apartment for students as you can incorporate any of the above designs. The key to this design is to create the illusion of volume with highly reflective surfaces. Mirrored surfaces work wonders in creating space and making all the areas seem bigger than they are. 

You can incorporate sliding walls, doors, and suspended rooms as well. This design is well suited for the perfectionist who enjoys a clean space. They will always get the best results seeing that a smudged surface does not fly. 

The bottom line 

There are so many designs to play around with when you work with small spaces. The key is to not only think of your floor area but take the entire volume of the room into consideration. Apartments for students are the perfect spaces to experiment with storage and clever designs. 

Ultimately, your balance is the thing that is going to determine what design you settle on. If you intend to share your apartment or if you intend to play the host for study parties, or just parties, you will have your hands full when you decide on a space. Nevertheless, it is the start of an amazing journey.