Top 10 Smart Home Apps To Improve Your Life

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Smart Home Technology

Today we can’t be surprised by the launch of another ‘home’ app. For instance, agencies often order real estate app development or create websites showing their offers. And enthusiasts make smart home apps that work both for home improvement and our convenience. So why not try a few, when there are this many offers?

In this article, we’re going to review 10 most interesting and surprising smart home apps that can help with saving our time, efforts or even money. And, trust me, they’re very entertaining to try.

Controlling applications

Dreamt about not losing your TV remote again? Skip TV remotes, the new era is here! Along with Simple Control One app, you have the right to forget about remotes for your home devices – they all can be replaced just by a single application.

Simple Control One can be used as a controller of up to 25 home devices including TV sets, Blu-Ray players and many others along with supporting lighting and temperature control. You can run the app on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, and have tons of remotes all in one place as the app is integrated to work with Samsung, LG, Apple, and other brands.

DirectTV is another well-designed application to meet our modern needs, including voice control option. Using the app you can switch on or off your TV set as well as make it play your favorite series just by saying ‘Play Game of Thrones’ out loud – the app provides over 45,000 movies and shows you can watch from anywhere.

Also, the app is not limited to iOS platform and can be downloaded for both Apple and Android users.

Securing applications

Adding another layer of protection to your house is always a good idea. Apparently, you want to take advantage of a simple yet effective application to make sure everything is safe and sound. You can either use mobile app development services to create an app from scratch or download apps designed specifically for this purpose. We’ve checked just a few!

Security comes first for Withings Home developers – that’s why they created the app ready to help you not only watch over your apartment but to fully control it.

All you need to do is to connect your smartphone to Withings Home HD camera, and you get a register working non-stop for 48 hours, sound transmission, night vision, and many other features. You can keep an eye on your kids, domestic helpers or just watch over your room while being at work. The app is free for both iOS and Android platforms. app is another way to secure your house. The application streams video surveillance and allows you to control your home in the real-time mode from any place in the word having a Wi-Fi network.

Once the app is configured, you will be notified about the security system unlocking, kids leaving the house and many other actions the system detects. The application can be installed on iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone devices.

Convenience applications

Home convenience category currently offers the widest range of applications on the market. Adjust the lightings, lock the front door on your way to the office, make a hot bath or a cup of coffee before getting home or make sure it is done till a specific hour in the morning. There are a lot of possibilities and we’re going to cover some of them for you below.

Nest app can help you with adjusting room temperature or monitoring your home status – it works with sensors, that’s why you will receive a notification when the system detects smoke, etc.

Nest can also be connected to a security camera so you can always check what’s going on in your room or the entire house. You can download the app for free and use it on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

SmartThings offers its customers the kit consisting of SmartThings hub along with different sensors you can connect to various devices such as a kettle, front and room doors, etc., and remotely control them using the app.

As well as Nest, this application will notify you about a gas leak or smoky smell in the house. SmartThing is an open platform, so you do not have to buy products of popular brands only – feel free to connect your favorite smart device and use it with the app.

What to do in case you want to control or watch over the house using not only Wi-Fi connection but also 3G/4G networks? Install Control4 MyHome app! Built-in features of this application include audio and video, security services, cameras, light and temperature controller along with voice control feature.

The app is free to use on iOS and Android devices, still, if you’d like to use 4Sight system (notifications, safe access to the system, etc.) it will cost you $100 per year.

With the help of WeMo application, you can manage not only devices connected to it but elaborate with Amazon or Google services used to watch over the house. Also, WeMo works with Nest to simplify the management process on one single app – either on Android or Apple platform.

WeMo application will help you with brewing morning coffee or switching the light off at night and brings the possibility of scheduling the work of other devices.

We’ve mentioned a lot of smart home machines but no words have been spoken of backyard devices, specifically – lawn movers. With Robomow application you can simply set lawn sizes, add a schedule or specify the area that needs mowing. Both iOS and Android platforms are supported.

Philips Hue is a new word in lighting system implementation and management. Their application allows adjusting tones, colors, and lighting contrasts, so you’re welcome to change your home mood by selecting bright colors for a party or soft lighting for relaxing after a busy day. Philips Hue app is provided for free for iOS and Android.

In this article, we’ve covered the most popular apps that’ll help to improve your home. And which one to choose is completely up to you. For our part, we suggest reviewing the apps you liked in details and trying at least one of them to see how much it’s going to change your life starting from the first launch.