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Young people aren’t exactly known for their spectacular cooking abilities. The microwavable easy mac and raman noodle diet of an average college student would make caring moms cringe. The problem is that many of us simply don’t have the time in our busy (and often unpredictable) schedules to whip up mouth-watering, nutritious dinners. This makes slow cookers an absolute must. The beauty of a slow cooker is that you can have the best of both worlds: actual meals with some time to spare. Just set it and forget it.

Well, don’t forget it entirely. After all, slow cooker aren’t invincible and if you leave the settings on too high or don’t come home on time, you can easily end up with some burnt, disgusting soup when you return. This happens more often than you might think. After all, college students and young professionals aren’t exactly known for their orderly schedules. Slow cooker recipes can also be finicky at times. There is nothing like going off to work and getting that fatal text from your roommate telling you to leave the slow cooker on longer or shorter for a certain recipe.

F5Z0489_pkgback_LS_S4Any of these problems sound familiar? Luckily, WeMo (a Belkin brand) has paired up with Crock-Pot to create the perfect solution. The WeMo Smart Slow Cooker can be controlled remotely with an iPhone or Android app. The app contains a number of nifty features to enhance your cooking experience. You can set a timer for your slow cooker to start, change the settings as the food cooks, continually monitor the progress of your meal, and turn it off when needed. The app even allows you to send out notifications that dinner is ready for any housemates, which is pretty useful whether they’re home or out and about. The app will be available for both iOS and Android.

Of course, this product is perfect for busy college students and young professionals living in their own apartments. Assuming you’re not attempting to connect to your crock pot from the middle of nowhere, your Smartphone should be able to hop online and control the settings from practically anywhere. Decide to cram at the library for another few hours? Adjust your crock pot settings. Putting in a little overtime at work for some extra cash? Now you can just pull out your phone and adjust accordingly. The WeMo Smart Cooker is the first of its kind. Honestly, we’re surprised no one has made something like this yet!

This fantastic apartment product is set to release this Spring. The price is set at an affordable $129.99. This may seem a little steep, but considering all the great features and quality materials it’s made of, we think it’s worth a little extra cash. Not sure what to do with a slow cooker? You can find tons of slow cooker recipes on All Recipes or your favorite recipe site.

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