The NFL Draft is Here: Plan Your Fantasy Football Draft Party Now!

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With the NFL draft upon us, football fans everywhere are starting to get excited for the upcoming season. After the final play of Super Bowl XLVIII, the long offseason began and football fans everywhere realized they’d be without football for seven long and painful months. The common diagnosis for this is known as football withdrawal. But when the draft comes each year, football fans get excited; excited not only for the NFL, but something else. This sport we call American football becomes a common ground for us all, and the stakes are raised. The competition is intense, crying is a definite maybe, and friends become foes. I’m talking about fantasy football.

If you’re a true fantasy football fan, you’re always making moves in the offseason. That doesn’t make sense, you say? Well, maybe you unconsciously make moves, such as mentally noting which players got hurt in the offseason, which players got traded or signed with a team, and which prospects could make a splash in their rookie season. These are the moves we make; this is the fantasy football mentality. Here’s your guide to planning the ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Party!

The League

If you’re a true fantasy football fan, “The League” should sound familiar. “The League” is a hit TV series on FX that is all about fantasy football. Literally. If you’ve never seen or heard of it, I highly recommend the show. Fantasy football is the main event, and hilarity ensues. So why am I bringing this up? “The League” has exhibited some pretty legit ways to throw a fantasy football party (for the draft, of course). In order to throw a successful fantasy football draft, you’re gonna need three things: draft tools, food and beverages.

The Draft

There are two ways to hold a fantasy football draft: live or online. Both, however, can be in-person. If you want a live draft, it is necessary for the host(s) to have a big white board of some sort. This will be used to record all draft picks. It is also necessary to have printouts of all the players eligible to be drafted. If you want to hold an online draft, this can also be done in-person or online (if not in-person). If you decide to do an online draft in-person, it still might be a good idea to have a big white board to record draft picks, or at least show who has been drafted. This provides an alternative to constantly looking at your computer screen for long periods of time!


If you’re gonna host the party, you gotta have food. It’s like eating peanut butter and jelly without bread. Can it be done? It would be impressive. But is it better without bread? Absolutely not! A safe option would be chips, dip, veggies, and maybe some subs. If you really feel like going all out, throw in some M&Ms. But, whatever you decide on, don’t come up short! Make sure you have enough food for the entire crew. Maybe even go to Taco Bell and get that 12-pack of tacos, spice things up a bit. I know I would love that. And don’t feel like you need to come out of pocket on this. Just ask your buddies to each kick in a few bucks.


What’s a party without beverages? Probably like a PB&J sandwich without bread. If everyone is of age, go for the gold and get some brewskis. Every football fan loves a nice cold one, and beer just tastes better with football. If not everyone is of age or doesn’t drink, you can’t go wrong with soda, or maybe some punch.


Now, if you’re familiar with “The League”, you know each draft party was held in a ridiculous setting. Don’t get me wrong, your house or apartment is a fine place to host, but if you’re looking for a fun alternative, take your draft to new heights. Buffalo Wild Wings is a great place to host a draft party. Each year, BW3’s has promotions to bring your party in and receive discounts on beverages and food. I believe they supply the draft tools, too!

Hail Mary

It’s never too early to start thinking about your Fantasy Football league, or draft for that matter. Week One of the NFL is only like 14 weeks away, so why not get a jump on things? Just remember, friends turn to foes (but only for the week(s) you play them). What’s better than beating your friends in a fantasy football matchup? Aside from winning the Championship, it’s obviously having a better team name than them. Just don’t finish in last place. ‘The Shiva’ will curse you forever. That was a reference to “The League”. Seriously, go watch the show.

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