Largest Cities in Texas

Home to some of the nation’s largest cities, Texas has a wealth of available rental properties, especially in those big urban centers. In the largest city, Houston, there are plenty of rental options that are situated near essential points of interest like grocery stores. Dallas and San Antonio also are large metropolitan areas where excellent apartment rentals can be obtained.

Other Large Cities in Texas

Cities like Garland, Amarillo, and Pasadena are some of the smaller urban areas that Texas has to offer; however, these communities still have an array of available apartments. In these cities, apartment shoppers have had their needs met thanks to a selection of reasonably price rentals.

Information about Texas

Among all the states in the continental United States, Texas is by far and away the largest by total land area. So, amid all the dynamic communities of this vast and diverse landscape, remember that the Lone Star State offers a tremendous amount of rental opportunities, which start at a range of affordable prices.

In Texas, the inhabitants of the city centers and metro areas of places like Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio help boost this 24.8 million-person population to the second highest population rank in the country. Only the state of California has a larger overall population. Texas’s unique continental location positions it as a prime place of commerce and travel. It shares an international border with Mexico, four states, and an extensive coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. Texas not only has major airports, it also has significant seaports. Academia also has a presence there, as Texas is home to several first-rate institutes of higher education.

Although Texas covers a remarkable land area, residents and visitors alike readily have access to world-class destinations, popular attractions, and entertainment. In the biggest cities, people can enjoy excellent dining opportunities, as well as get a taste of outstanding shopping, nightlife, and culture. If you’re looking for a little entertainment, the major urban centers have plenty of professional sports teams to enjoy, such as the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs basketball team. The capital city of Austin is a popular urban area that has plenty of things to do and wonderful places to listen to music. Outside of the cities, people can explore outdoor designations by foot or by horse, as they take in the Texas landscape. Situated along the Rio Grande, Big Bend National Park is a major attraction of people you love the outdoors.