Student Housing Crime & Safety Stats Columbus Ohio

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Need-to-Know Student Housing Crime & Safety State in Columbus, Ohio

Top facts and figures on crimes near OSU, CSCC, and Franklin.

When you’re looking for student housing in Columbus, Ohio, crime and safety may not be a factor you’d normally consider, but here’s a hint—you really should. To help you find a place where you feel safe, we compiled crime data from the 2015 fall semester in the 13 most popular student housing neighborhoods. Here’s our neighborhood-by-neighborhood breakdown to give you an idea of what to expect.

1. The Brewery District

The Brewery District is a student’s dream: big nightlife, tiny prices. But with a 55% higher rate of robbery and 64% higher rate of theft than the Columbus area average, you’ll want to make sure your apartment has a secured front entry, heavy door with a deadbolt, and satisfactory window locks if you’re looking to live there.

2. Clintonville 

Clintonville is one of the most highly populated neighborhoods in the Columbus metro area. Theft and burglary from a motor vehicle are the primary crimes you need to look out for there, especially if you’re looking to live in Sharon Heights, Central Clintonville, Indian Springs, or Clintonville. Find a non-sketchy place on a well-lit street with safe parking close by when you’re looking for student housing in Clintonville.

3. Downtown Columbus

Love the noise, light, color, and culture of city life? Amenity-dense downtown Columbus might be a great choice for you, but keep in mind that it also had a 113% higher theft rate than the Columbus area average. You may want to go for a flat that isn’t on the ground floor – no need to give potential thieves easy access to your laptop and sound bar. With the 2nd highest number of assault cases per capita, be sure to remain aware of your surroundings and travel in groups in this neighborhood when you can.

4. Fifth by Northwest 

Fifth by Northwest has a lot going for it: low reported crime rates last fall, including 73% fewer robberies than the Columbus area average, modern architecture, and proximity to University Center (just to the east). Any apartment in 5xNW is a pretty safe bet.

5. Franklinton 

Franklinton had the highest number of assaults per capita in Columbus and a whopping 171% higher than average number of burglaries. Not the safest neighborhood around, but its reputation for poverty and crime is gradually dissolving. If you’re shopping for a pad there, live with roommates. Several roommates—former high school wrestlers, if you can. You’ll benefit from watching each other’s backs.

6. German Village 

A ten-minute bus ride from campus, German Village is a popular option for student housing. It’s also home to hip young professionals in the Columbus area, and offers easy access to the Brewery District’s trendy restaurants and bars. German Village is known for its quiet atmosphere, historic architecture, and low crime rates.

7. Harrison West 

Harrison West can be pricey, but it’s an attractive option for the safety-conscious. With no reported aggravated assault cases last fall semester, and a relatively low vandalism and burglary rate, it’s one of the safer neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio. It’s also minutes from campus.

8. Italian Village 

Within walking distance of campus is the Italian Village, home and haunt of both young professionals and OSU grad students. But be warned that this neighborhood also had some of the highest theft and motor vehicle burglary rates per capita so if you rent a place there, be mindful of your surroundings and stay smart.

9. King-Lincoln Bronzeville

King-Lincoln Bronzeville is known for its row houses and historic homes—and sky-high crime rates. The area had the 3 rd highest number of assault cases and the highest number of burglary cases per capita in the area. Before you jump on an apartment with dirt-cheap rent, make sure to visit potential apartments at different times of the day and talk to neighbors to make sure you’re comfortable with the area before you sign over your soul for the year.

10. Mt. Vernon 

Overall the safest area in Columbus, Ohio, Mt. Vernon also has higher rent prices and a longer commute to OSU. If you don’t mind a longer bus ride or drive, and can stomach the hit to your bank account, it’s a great area with easy access to a plethora of amenities.

11. Olde Town East

Though Olde Town East once had a reputation for being a little run-down and burglar-friendly, it has turned around and is now known as a generally safe, affordable area if you take reasonable precautions. If you’re looking to move to Olde Towne East, look for places that have updated security features and a responsive property owner committed to keeping the place burglar-proof.

12. University District

The University District is one of the most attractive areas for students to live—for obvious reasons. Everything there is within walking distance of class buildings, and ranked 7th lowest in the number of assault cases in the Columbus area. Finding an apartment in the University District is usually a snap, as there’s a high turnover rate thanks to the massive student population.

13. Victorian Village

Located beside Italian Village, Victorian Village had few reported assaults and robberies but placed 3rd highest in the number of burglaries from motor vehicles in Columbus, Ohio. If you decide to move there, it’s smart to purchase comprehensive coverage for your car and be sure it’s always parked in a secure area.

The search for the perfect student housing isn’t easy, but with all these crime and safety stats, you’re likely to find the right place. Download the ABODO app and explore the city to get a feel for each neighborhood’s vibe, traffic, and amenities.