2016 Spring Scholarship Winner

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ABODO is your apartment finder built for students by students. We started out as recent college grads who loved our alma maters but hated how grueling it was to find a great place to live. We built the tool we wished existed during our search, and brought it from one campus to hundreds across the country. We think it makes sense to pay it forward to the next generation of students and that’s why we started the I Heart My School Scholarship.

Today, we’re happy to announce our 2016 Spring winner – Katelynn Matt from Michigan State University. Not only did Katelynn have a lot to say about how wonderful the staff and students are at MSU, but it turns out she’s building a pretty impressive record for success already herself. Katelynn is a freshman at MSU hailing from Macomb, Michigan. In her short time at Michigan State, she’s already made the Dean’s list!

Scroll down to see a few of Katelynn’s pics from the beautiful Michigan State campus and to read about what she loves about her school.

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“When you first start to consider Michigan State and are going on a tour or even during orientation, the first thing to learn is the Go Green, Go White chant. This is the true way to tell who is a true Spartan and who is not. The chant is very simple, if someone says “Go Green!” to you all you have to say is “Go White!” back to them. Here at MSU we do this constantly. At every sporting event, assembly, classroom, even just seeing a fellow Spartan walking around campus. This cheer of ours connects us, it is empowering. When the entire Spartan Stadium is packed full of cheering fans and you hear the chant start you can’t just stand there and not join in. The entire stadium erupts in a chant of “GO GREEN, GO WHITE” and you know you are surrounded by people who couldn’t be prouder to go to Michigan State. However, if you say “Go Green!” to someone and they don’t respond with “Go White!” you know they aren’t a true Spartan.

It’s the first line in our fight song and runs through the center of the school, the one and only Red Cedar River. This beautiful river is the perfect place to sit out by when the weather is nice and do homework or to feed the ducks by. Some are even brave enough to go tubing and canoeing down it. The river isn’t just for looks either, certain classes use the river for research or to get samples from. This river is also how us Spartans give directions, you often hear things like “do you go over the river to get there?” or “which side of the river is it on?”  The Red Cedar gives Spartans a place to go and relax and even earn from. Michigan State University was built around the Red Cedar, it doesn’t just run through campus, it is part of our school.

The week before our biggest rivalry, the University of Michigan, we have to defend what is ours. It is a well-known custom for MSU and UofM to try to sabotage a major icon of the other school the weeks leading up to this big rivalry game in football. The main object we have to protect is the Spartan Statue. This statue is one of the largest free standing figures in the world. The statue stands by all of the sporting areas to symbolize our sports teams. Every Spartan knows where this statue is and when someone says “it’s by Sparty” you know they are talking about this statue. This statue symbolizes who we are as Spartans. After all, are you really a true Spartan if you don’t take a picture with Sparty? This is why we have to protect it. Students from all over campus whether living in the dorms, in a frat, off campus, even regular occupants of Lansing will come and camp out for weeks by the statue. This is how you know we are dedicated, couches and beds are set up to protect Sparty. We love our school and Sparty represents who we are.

Just about every campus has one but none are like ours, of course it’s a clock tower. The clock tower here at Michigan State is names Beaumont Tower. It is in what we call “North Neighborhood” standing alone in a field surrounded by trees, flowers, and pathways. You can hear the chimes of this tower all throughout the north side of campus and once in a while people are allowed into the tower to see just how and who these melodies are created by. The songs played differ too so you can sit out by the tower and listen everyday if you want and never get bored. However, what makes this clock tower so special is one thing I learned here at MSU that is all about love. It is said that if you kiss under the shadow of the Beaumont Tower you will marry that person. No one truly knows where or how this saying came to be but Spartans believe it to be true. If you are set on marrying the person you are in a relationship with there’s one thing you can do to ensure this and that is to kiss under the tower. There are also many wedding proposals that happen here too for this reason. It is a very romantic spot on campus and people are very superstitious about who they bring to this spot which sets it apart from all of the other campuses around.

This may not be the most extravagant thing here at MSU but it’s what every student in the dorms looks forward to on the normally dull Mondays, our combo exchanges. If you have a meal plan then you automatically have a combo exchange during the school week. There are small stores around campus, either in the resident’s halls or academic buildings, called Spartys. Here is where you can use your combo exchange. These combos are used for small food items when you are on the run or just don’t feel like going to the cafeteria. You get a drink and then a range of snacks from chips, yogurt, salad, sandwiches, cereal, chicken tenders, almost anything you can think of. Yes, every college campus has a meal plan in which students can go to the cafeteria to get a meal but we are the only college campus with an added bonus to our meal plans. Here, it is a big deal to get your combo every day. It is perfect for the weekends when you want a quick meal and can just stock up on your combos so you don’t even have to get out of bed. Every day of the week it’s “did you combo yet” or “don’t forget to combo!” For being such a small reward during the week that most students on other campuses would think nothing of, this combo exchange is a big deal at MSU.”

-Katelynn Matt, Michigan State University