Space-Saving Furniture for Your Studio or Small Apartment

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Consolidation is key when it comes to living in a smaller space or downsizing. You can clear your clutter and rearrange your closet a million times, but it all comes down to the furniture you choose. Making a small space comfortable yet stylish is possible, especially when you opt for furniture that is functional and well-made.

Furniture that is convertible, contracts/expands, and serves multiple purposes is the best solution for making your smaller home livable. There are a number of designers and manufacturers that make pieces like the ones listed below, but these are the general concepts you’ll want to aim for.


Double trouble? More like triple threat. Ottomans are perhaps the most versatile piece of furniture you can incorporate into your home. It serves as a footrest, an extra seat, and a storage compartment. You can place one near your sofa, at the foot of your bed, or under a window as a cozy reading nook.

You can also buy a larger ottoman that serves as a coffee table. Place a decorative serving tray on top of it for a sturdier surface, and then you can proceed to use the ottoman as a footrest/storage. It’ll experience less wear and tear than a regular coffee table, while also serving multiple purposes so you can save more space.

Futon Bed

This one is especially helpful if you have a studio. When your bedroom and living room are in the same space, multitasking furniture is a must. You could invest in a murphy bed, but that requires difficult and costly installation.

Rather, find a futon or day bed that can double as a love seat and as a bed. Invest in one with a little more cushion for extra comfort. If you’ll be unfolding and refolding it on a daily basis, it’s far more convenient than a pull-out couch. Oftentimes, all you have to do is snap it into place.

As a result, nobody will ever be able to tell you use it for sleeping, and you’ll save yourself the trouble of an additional piece of unnecessary furniture.

Extendable Dining Table

Most days it’s dinner for one, but in the event it’s dinner for four, you want to have options. Rather than figuring out where to store your folding card table, buy an extendable dinner table. These usually have a collapsing middle portion that you can pull open for a little extra space.

Rounder tables, on the other hand, often have folding extension leafs on each end to make room at the edges. These are super easy and don’t require a lot of manual labor. They’ll also eliminate the self-consciousness that comes with hosting bigger groups at your home.

Coat & Shoe Rack with Bench

Everyone that lives in a small apartment, for example, a studio in Milwaukee, knows the struggle of wondering where to put your coat and bags when you get home. You can’t afford to have a cluttered entryway, so you have to think progressively.

Plenty of modern furniture manufacturers sell dual coat rack benches. A place where you can hang your coat, while also sitting down to remove your shoes. Some even come with an attached shoe rack underneath, but you can always place your own as well. Shoe storage, coat storage, and a small seating area all at once.

This invention is sure to make coming home after a long day of work much easier.

Bar Cabinet

If you love to have a dry bar handy, a standing bar cabinet will make you feel straight out of a Mad Men episode. It will store your liquor, glasses, cocktail napkins, and other bar accessories. The sleek design of these mid-century modern pieces is also an eye-pleaser.

Standing bar cabinets don’t take up more than a square foot of space, and they even unfold to provide an additional surface. If you have a small space but still love to entertain, your guests will surely be impressed by this little add-on.  

Ellie Batchiyska is a writer for Bauhaus2YourHouse, a top retailer of modern classic and contemporary designer furniture.