Six Key Features to Look for in Pet-Friendly Apartments

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Our animals are more than just pets, they’re members of the family! So, when looking for a place to live, you shouldn’t have to compromise the comfort of your furry friend. Not all apartments that allow dogs are the best fit for you and your pup. Here are a few features to consider when researching pet-friendly apartments for rent.

Adequate Outdoor Space

Dogs need to go outside regularly, whether it be for walks and exercise, or to take care of business. When looking for dog-friendly apartments, you should look for a community with adequate green space for your dog to enjoy or walking trails nearby. Some pet-friendly apartment complexes even have dog parks!  

Pet-Friendly Services

Some apartments that allow dogs go above and beyond with pet perks such as grooming services, pet wash areas, training services, doggy daycare and even events for pet owners to attend with their dogs. While not essential, these dog-friendly apartment amenities would make a big difference in the well-being of your furry roommate. Finding these pet-friendly places is very important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Pet Care Locations

For apartment buildings that don’t offer a pet care service, it’s a good idea to locate dog boarding facilities nearby. Make sure you have a couple good pet care options near you so you can conveniently drop your dog off for daycare while you go to work or for boarding when you go on vacation. 

Pet-Proof Flooring

Your dog might already be house-trained, but the occasional accident may still happen. Also, dogs tend to track dirt inside from time-to-time and some breeds shed quite a bit so, you’ll want to pay attention to what type of flooring your new apartment is equipped with. Carpeting can work, but other types of flooring such as hardwood, vinyl or tile can be easier to clean when you live with a dog.

Pet Deposits and Fees

Almost all pet-friendly apartments require some sort of additional fee in addition to normal rent. Make sure you have all these facts ahead of time. Is there an additional security deposit due upon moving in? What about a monthly pet rent? You should be aware of exactly how much the fees amount to, so there are no surprises, as these fees can vary from place to place.

Pet Policies

Most apartment buildings have their pet policy clearly stated on their website, but if not, you should be ready to ask questions about the type and number of animals you can have living with you. How many dogs are you allowed to have in the apartment? Some may limit you to one, but there are some that allow up to three. Are there breed or size restrictions? Some dog-friendly apartments only allow smaller dogs and some communities that allow larger dogs may have restrictions on certain breeds. Make sure you know if your dog meets the criteria before moving in.

So, the next time you are apartment hunting and do a search for “pet-friendly apartments near me,” remember these tips to make sure both you and your pet(s) will be happy in your new space. After all, it’s not just your home, it’s theirs too!

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